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Meet Kate Klassen

Hi! I'll be your instructor!

Kate Klassen

Course Developer and Instructor

Hey! I'm Kate. I'm a pilot of both drones and airplanes but my FAVOURITE thing is creating relevant, useful and engaging learning for new, and experienced drone pilots. Let's learn together, keep our skies safe and grow this thriving community! Follow me @robo.kate on Instagram

What certification do I need?

If your drone weighs 250g or more, you'll need either a basic or advanced certification to fly in Canada. An advanced certification allows you the most flexibility, including all of the areas indicated in bullets below. If you won't be in any of those areas, a basic certificate is all you need!

  • In controlled airspace

  • Nearer than 100' /30m to bystanders

  • Nearer than 3 NM (5.6 km) to airports and 1 NM (1.9 km) to heliports

Certification Collections

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  • So I just need to complete this training and then I can fly?

    Not quite. We don't hand out certificates - that's Transport Canada's job. This training preps you for the online Transport Canada multiple-choice exams (one for basic, one for advanced) and for the in-person assessment called a flight review that's required to get your advanced certification.

  • What if I fly a sub 250g drone?

    Flying a microdrone, that is, one that weighs less than 250 grams, doesn't require a certification. The Canadian Aviation Regulations state that you can't fly in restricted airspace or cause a hazard to other airspace users or people on the ground. It's helpful to have some knowledge and context so you know what might be considered a hazard and how to find restricted airspace. Our ground school for basic pilots is an excellent way to learn all this and more!

  • "My friend" thinks they don't need to bother getting a pilot certification. What would happen if they flew without one?

    The drone police will show up at their door and...nah we're kidding. While there are absolutely cases where pilots are approached by enforcement while flying and asked to produce their documents, it's not a common occurrence unless you've - I mean your friend has - done something to warrant the attention. Avoiding hefty fines (up to $15000!) is one motivation for getting certified, but also shouldn't be your only. Gaining the knowledge on laws, weather, flight ops and more help you be a better pilot, too.

  • I passed my test but I'm scared to get this thing out of the box! What should I do?

    Check out our online flight training course to help you build your confidence and ability with your drone!

  • I'm just planning on flying over my own yard. Do I still need a certificate?

    You do if your drone weighs more than 250g. Whether you need a basic or advanced certificate depends on where your yard is. If you're in controlled airspace or near an airport, advanced is the way to go.

  • I'm not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. Can I fly in Canada?

    Welcome! and you betcha! You'll still need to pass the online Transport Canada exam for the category of operations you plan on flying while here. If you'll be pursuing your advanced, a flight review is needed too.

  • Who is FLYY and InDro Robotics?

    FLYY is the training arm of InDro. InDro is the leading Canadian RPAS, ground and sea robotics research and development company. We are proud to hold a number of industry “firsts.” The firm was one of the first companies in Canada with Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) certification. InDro Robotics has accumulated thousands of safe and compliant flight hours. We collaborate with some names you might recognize like, Transport Canada, the Canadian Space Agency, and NASA. Additionally, we are constantly developing new equipment and technologies to expand use-case scenarios. We are the first Canadian RPAS company to obtain cargo certification. We’re proud to work with First Responders, First Nations, and others putting this incredible technology to positive uses. Like you!


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